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The Environmental Rating Agency specialises in enhancing the traditional assessment of credit risks available to investors and creditors by drawing upon the best available science to identify material risks which have been overlooked, downplayed or ignored by traditional risk or financial metrics.

By drawing upon the best available science we have adapted the AAA ratings traditionally used to assess credit risk and attempted to capture a broader basket of the quantifiable risks associated with different asset classes, commodities companies and business models.

Our scientific and technical expertise can also help you to determine which risk factors could pose the greatest short or long-term risks to the operations, reputations and competitiveness to different investment opportunities and strategies.

If you are investing over the long-term why not find out as much as possible about the short-term or catastrophic risks that can be expected to impact those you invest in – before they show up in the balance sheet or shrinking market share?

The G20 report below demonstrates the value of using additional non-financial risk metrics to understand material risks facing countries before they settle on their investment and risk management strategies, and the ability of high quality science to pick up objective, subtle and accurate indications risk in new and different ways to traditional financial and self-reported metrics. Only now is equivalent data becoming available even for corporations, sectors and supply chain issues.

Please download the full G20 report for more details and see below for a brief summary of the report’s contents.

Ratings Scale

For each of the 12 environmental indicators included in this report, the country with the best environmental performance has been awarded an AAA-rating. The performance of the other countries has then been downgraded one rating for every 5% drop in performance, with the worst receiving a DDD rating.

Using our ratings scale there are 20 grades from the top AAA rating, down to the bottom DDD rating.

G20 “League Table”

In order to produce the G20 “league table” featured in this report the mean environmental rating of each country, across 12 environmental indicators, has been calculated, and ranked, in comparison to its G20 peers.


For the 19 member countries that make up the G20, national AAA – DDD environmental ratings have been determined for each of the following 12 environmental indicators: economic efficiency, energy efficiency, infrastructure investment, atmospheric emissions, environmental protection, land management, water resource use, corruption, social development, threats to endemic mammals, birds and amphibians, marine protected areas and air particulates (see Appendix 1).

National “Report Cards”

The national results for each indicator have been combined to produce national “report cards”. These “report cards” make clear the relative strengths and weaknesses of each individual country, and highlight the variation in environmental performance found within nations (see Appendix 2).

Please download the full report for more details.

Please contact us if you would like to work with us to develop new environmental metrics, indicators and indices for specific government, business, investor or NGO audiences.

We are focused on helping experts, and non-experts, to understand key environmental data and to make more informed choices.


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